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by Squint Eastwood 543 views


Really impressed with the detail put into the animation, and the huge amount of shots that you had to pull off. It felt a little bit like style over story at some points, and the edit could probably have been a little shorter, but overall it was a really good achievement for 48hours (or however long it took, if the reason you were disqualified was for being late!).

PROS: Awesome animation! Neat story. Strange/Weird CONS: Felt a tad long in parts. Opening felt a bit disconnected from the rest of the film. Strange/Weird

Default Avatar Outcasted

Highly imaginative. I felt sorry for the orange until it went psycho. Great sound effects and who ever did the voice for the orange was great. Looked like the animator/s got through a huge amount of work in the 48hours.

What can I say, im a fan of squint eastwoods dark twisted humor, how you managed to portray so much sexual tension between an animated orange and a scientist, beats me, but you nailed it. Its a shame you didnt make the deadline.

Default Avatar Rocketman

Very impressed by the amount of work executed in only 48 hours. Wasn't too sure what the connection was between the opening sequence and the rest of the film- seemed a bit disconnected. Loved the boss character wearing the grey suit- the "mind your business" conversation between him and the female scientist was pure dialogue genius. Nice work!

Default Avatar B.Roll

An extra star for going to the effort of producing an animated film. I'll admit the style wasn't really my cup of tea, so I'm probably scoring a little lower than I should because of that. Having said that, I can't be the only one who thought the whole premise was a little corny. Oh well, I must admit it did achieve a few laughs. And although the premise was a bit weak, the story was well executed

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