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Bread Actually

by Voice Of Legends 1,717 views


PROS: Great idea and hilariously awesome opening scene. Great laughs throughout. CONS: A tad long and the sound had a few problems (due to wind removal processes I suspect).

The story was great, and progressed at a good pace. The jokes generally worked well. Felt it was let down a little in the cinematography and editing, but the story held strong enough to keep me to the end.

Default Avatar Outcasted

Funny premise. I was waiting for him to start eating himself. Good acting, especially from the female lead.

Default Avatar Bobby White

Really great use of prop - the bread father was a great introduction. Great acting performances as well. Just felt it had a slightly predictable story arc - although that's to be expected given the genre

Default Avatar Rocketman

The beginning was genius, loved it! I've heard there were a lot of "people turning into bread" films entered but yours was the first I had seen and I really did enjoy it. The only thing I felt let you down was the technical side of the film. Not too sure about the random man dressed as a woman or the guy dancing in his underwear either. Overall, awesome effort and what great acting from the female lead.

Default Avatar B.Roll

Entertaining film, with a simple but quirky story well executed within the genre. A couple of the jokes felt a little like in-jokes that didn't really fit (eg. transvestite), and the whole premise was a bit cheesy. But in general it was a good laugh and felt like a well rounded story.

Default Avatar Jess Hong

Such a cute story, particularly impressed with the female lead. The bread father was gold! What a great intro! Was hoping for something a bit more shocking at the end, but overall a very feel-good piece.

Default Avatar Tessa Pratt

I really enjoyed this film from our heat. The bread father intro was hilarious, as was my favourite line - "You could have given me a yeast infection!". A clever little short with lots of laughs. Well done Team Voice of Legends!

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