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Heat Vision Harry and The Barefoot Bandit

by Act 5


After catching a bathroom science experiment in the eyes, young Harry realises that the chemical reaction has given him heat vision! Forward to a year later with a clear refinement in his powers and he now has a folley to catch - The Barefoot Bandit!

This was an entertaining little film that laid out all the tropes you would expect from a superhero film with an origin, some vfx, and a supervillain to contend with. Done by a younger team they were inventive and had a transparent plot so definitely showed up a lot of the adults.

The actor playing Harry did a fine job, with an excellent reaction in particular when his eyes got invaded by chemicals. The PREDATOR-like vision immediately after was a lovely touch to show his powers developing.

The main things that would have helped improve the film further were to do with editing and framing. The ideas were there, they just needed to be streamlined a little bit more. For example the opening scene was long and had a jumpy edit whereas a snappier single take starting after the first cut with him looking up the experiment in the book would have had the audience immediately engaged in the action. Also a close up on the experiment book would have helped a great deal I think.

In terms of framing, I just noticed a shot or two were actors involved in action or running were obscured by a fence shot from a distance. Just for keeping things engaging for action shots, getting a little bit closer to your actors may have helped. Lastly lighting did have some inconsistencies indoors, though I really appreciated the neon bulb that jazzed things up in the opening scene.

But the thing is you did get outdoors! Made the effort for your costumes! Used the invisibility element really well! And after the slowish start really made a fun superhero action film where the inventiveness shone, such as a paper written "explosives room" sign. Well done and thanks for entertaining me.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 2/5

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