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40 Candles

by Spacies Crew


Default Avatar Louise Hammond

Awesome Film!!

Awesome cinematography here. The undertones of bullying came through well and very clever use of fade to attach the viewer to that. Great acting from all involved, even the one who had their contract screwed up from a state owned television company (TIC). Cool colours and lighting added to the tone of the film. Expect it to do well.

Default Avatar blybbs

Wonderful story and use of cutaways to quickly tell what easily could have been a full-length feature film. I was really looking forward to seeing this film and Spacies Crew did not disappoint! Wonderful acting and cinematography. There were a few moments with poor audio but this may have been the venue as it had happened in a few other films. I expect this film will do very well! Great work.

As their poster says, life begins at 40. Two friends from way back relive the past and look forward into the future as they turn 40. This was a solid effort from Spacies Crew, and I'm glad they got it in on time after the drama of bringing the wrong USB stick in from Waitara! The acting was obviously top class (someone should recruit those guys for TV or something, har har), although the audio was a bit rough in some places like when filming outside (always a challenge). The kids used for the flashbacks were cast brilliantly, and I loved the play on their different recollections of their childhood interactions. The OHS was used effectively in the story. The ending was very twisty, and it looks like ou had a lot of fun making this :)

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