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Who's Bob?

by Team Bob


Default Avatar blybbs

Such a silly film! I was delightfully surprised by the main actor and her hilarious dance moves in the end. Great use of the overhead shot and wonderful venue opportunity. I was expecting a bit more dance or musical as it were the genre, but did quite enjoy the ending choreography.

Nice location used here. Black comedy with I guess a cliche use of the physical element 'wind'. I wonder if this is the year of the flatulence for the 48. Enjoyed the pace but would've thought there may have been more music and dance as it was it's genre. Some really great overhead shots.

A funeral for Bob ends up taking a slightly unusual turn down memory lane. This was a great little short from Team Bob. They sourced an awesome location for the shoot, and their OHSs were really well done and lent themselves well to the narrative. I loved the juxtaposition of the bathroom scene with the hymn, it was a nice contrast, and the film itself had a good change in mood as the story unfolded. I also felt like it possibly could have been truer to the musical genre by having some of the songs drive the story rather than just being in the story, but it was a fun and effective short that looked and sounded good. Well done team, hope to see more from you in future!

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