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Burgled on high

by Team Spielberg


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple face the threat of home invaders they believe are after (among other things) an original Playstation. The double-whammy – ULTRA split-screen and Musical/Dance. You’ve certainly had a great crack at it. I liked the simple set-up here – it’s an efficient story with relatable moments that is nicely acted by the two leads. The songs themselves are good, with mostly story related lyrics. However, the singing isn’t always the strongest and therefore there’s a lack of punch to the music. In some places the sync is out a bit but you tried to do a lot with your split-screening so it seems there was a lot of double sync work you had to do. Sometimes it did feel you were just filling a side of the split-screen because you had to, as not all of what we were seeing revealed anything much to us or added to the story. Enjoyed it and lots of respect for again completing this double-whammy. So much work.

It doesn't appear that you were thrilled to get the musical genre but a reasonable crack. Not sure the use of the split-screen was particularly inspired but as you were required to do it, it is what it is. Story was quite enjoyable. I think it would have been better if it wasn't a musical but that wasn't an option. I think there's a template here to make something similar in another year if you get a suitable genre such as crime.

This was a fun musical number, I enjoyed the songs and thought the lyrics were pretty cleverly put together. I know what a challenge doing ultra plus musical was, as I did it too (albeit I foisted musical upon myself!), so well done for surviving that combo! I liked the playoff between the different personalities/reactions of the woman and the man in the situation, and the prized vintage playstation as the target. It was a real challenge to have to do split screen for the entire film for Ultra--normally there's an inciting incident that causes the screen to split and a good reason for it to be that way, but with the whole thing split screen it was much harder. This was a good effort, but I did feel it was a little hard to watch in places such as when we were seeing part of the same thing just from a slightly different angle, as it wasn't always intuitive which frame to look at, and sometime the juxtaposition was just a little jarring. It might have helped to have had it so one screen had specific action in it and the other had more of a status update of something. The parts where it worked best were where the woman was inside the cupboard and the man outside protecting the playstation for instance. It might have been nice to have seen what the burglars were doing out side juxtaposed with what was happening inside, and vice versa at times. This is pretty nitpicky, just the main thing that stood out to me in what was otherwise a great humorous take on a break in, executed well musically and the other productions stuff - audio, video etc. - were all fine :) I've enjoyed looking back over some Team Spielberg films as you've been around forever so it's cool to see how they've evolved! Keep up the good work :)

Well shot short. Split screen and Musical a challenging combo, one that worked for the majority of this film. I'm not sure if the split screen showing the same person in a different scene worked for me, however it worked when the narration led the visual. A bit of syncing was out. Enjoyed the reveal at the end.

A funny musical with a twist. While there were a few of nice moments of split screen storytelling, especially the fantasy sequences, a lot of the time the gimmick is wasted on different variations of the same shot. Would have been nice to see more POV shots of the burglars looking in, or more of a duet between the cupboard and the lounge to bring the spit screen into the storytelling. A fun caper nonetheless. Lock up your antique PlayStation, those things are like gold!

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