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What I loved: -The asian guy. So awesome and with excellent enthusiasm. I felt his input added to the motivations of the main character. What I wanted more of: -Cooler props other than bananas. A banana was a compulsory prop back in 2005. Find a way to work in a mini-gun or flamethrower next time. Please Please Please Seigan be part of my next film! Was so cool to meet you the other night.

Good work guys! loved this concept. Felt the monster coming - but that didn't take away from the story at all. The arrogant dude was well played and backed up by his mates, mad him hate-able enough to enjoy his demise at the end. Keep up the good writing!

There was a lot going for you guys here, you had some solid dialogue particularly the lead was pretty strong. The whole way through I had a prediction that the 'monster' was the lead guy, metaphorically speaking, like he was being a monster to all these women and I thought that's where it was going to end up, so the ending got me haha, nice job guys.

Default Avatar nshady

I enjoyed the conceptual twist here where we think the awful guy is the monster all along and then he gets murdered at the end. That was fun. I liked you had varied settings and even some cutaways, so some good production. I was hoping for a little more narrative edge to it, perhaps with his friends being less on board with his weirdo behaviour, to lead you into the bait and switch a bit more. Perhaps this guy could have been a monster in lots of little everyday ways too - using way too much toilet paper at work, casually cutting in lines, etc. Only other suggestion is perhaps having a little more life in the frame, like some more camera movement or more interesting blocking when you're doing lots of conversation scenes. Anyway, nice work and good luck!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy relates to his mates a few of his dates and his monstrous behaviour in the lead up to a school ball. Acting was good...from the lead. The story you went with was well set up to a point. I wasn't necessarily a fan of the flashback story-telling device and would have preferred these to actually play out in the natural flow of the narrative leading up to the final date. The mates were largely irrelevant characters apart from adding slight comic value. In my mind, the most interesting character was the date at the end and the entire film may have been more engaging if set around her character rather than this being the twist. A bit of dodgy audio aside this was technically strong although your love of a real shallow depth of field is perhaps making some of your shots too oil painting looking. Yes, it's a cruel world.

I absolutely loved your film last year, "AvacaDon't" was a welcome addition to the Chch finals, and I was looking forward to seeing what you had up your sleeves this year, and while it didn't quite cut the top 15, I still really liked it. I really respect the message behind the film, the critique of the 'nice guy' attitude is one that I really enjoy seeing depicted in media. I did feel though, that this message was a little on the nose, with the main character being a bit of a strawman- I've known a few friendzoners before, and most of them are more apathetic losers who complain about their situations than venomous assholes who are so concisely constructed to be clearly in the wrong. But hey, maybe you've met different people to me. The cast in this film are all really good, some great performances, though once again some of the lines of dialogue which relate directly to this films thesis were a bit too much. I also really appreciated the different locations we go to in this film- however the school dance at the end, while strategically shot, did seem a little absent. One of the judges mentioned to me that they felt the film followed the wrong character, and to extrapolate MistaTeas's comment, I think there is something to this idea- maybe a film which followed the 'nice guy''s latest crush would have been more effective. We watch as she follows along with his toxic behaviour, believing he's the monster from the genre, only to reveal at the end that she's a monster and she eats him? As for your title, "Thirsty" is great, especially when we know it's a monster movie.

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