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Time to go

by Meme Teme 436 views


A psychopath mother goes after her daughter's friends. First-time entry by Meme Teme, and a superb start. They hit the horror genre dead-on; using all the normal horror tropes and cliches perfectly. Could do with a bit of work on technical elements, esp sound and some camera work. But the pacing and story is sound. Welcome to 48 hours! Well done.

Default Avatar Sam Averis

This film had a lot of problems - clunky dialogue (eg the repeated line "there's just 5 of us left"), poor production values, and wooden acting. On the other hand this actually had a plot that made sense (if a little cliche) and had decent pacing, so it actually generated some suspense. This meant that it held together better than some other films that were better acted/filmed/written.

Default Avatar Christ is my energy drink

I thought this was a superb effort by everyone involved. Audio was poor in places sure, but really good storyline, lead adult was brilliant and also it was well put together. Loved the song at the end. The cinematography had its ups and downs(they obviously weren't prepared to do night scenes) but the cliché story made me want to watch Hammer Horror films and I actually ended up curled up with Dracula after the screening. overall I thought this was remarkable considering the age of the cast and crew.

What I liked: Good story, easy to follow which meant that all the dramatic build up worked really nicely and created some nice suspense. the set up and pay off with the nose stud was well handed and worked very well For next year: Camera and sound have room to be improved upon but the essentials like storytelling are right there.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Teens start disappearing. Who is responsible and who will be next?! Led by the people behind Swixer ("Threeish girls from Christchurch, who eat cream off each other for views" - check out YouTube ), this was, in general, a fun film. The tension music worked well, it was well cast (especially the evil mum!) and the neck wound was great! Some of the shots were unfortunately overexposed and others lingered a bit too long on nothing, so a tighter edit is something to work on. You also could have done with a tripod at times! You followed the genre well and even though your story had some significant plot holes it was, as mentioned, good fun! It sounds like it was well received by the audience. Great to see you in the competition and I look forward to more of your film-making exploits!

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