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by One-Off Productions 765 views


Default Avatar Sam Averis

This film was great overall, with particularly good writing, characterization (including acting) and production values. My main issue was the pacing. I felt like it could have been significantly shorter and been more effective, as it dragged a little through the middle part. I also think the timing of the final shock ending was off, so it was obvious what was coming. If the crash had happened quicker it would have been a lot more shocking.

Nice to see both meanings of the word "trollied" (or "trolleyed") incorporated in this story. The middle part might have been a little long, and the final climax was predictable, but it was great *because* it was predictable. (Anyway, when you're given the Shock Ending genre, you are at a disadvantage from the beginning) Good stuff, and I certainly enjoyed it.

Default Avatar Christ is my energy drink

The storyline was easy to follow and also had great cinematography. Although parts felt unnecessary overall it was very interesting and well done!

What I liked: simple story thats been very well told, likeable characters that were well acted, great shots too, tracking back with the trolly looked very nice. I also thought the shock ending was well handled even if it was a tad predictable. Nice title and great sound (a rarity for 48hours) For next year: because this was a simple film i thought the whole thing could have been shorter and not lost any of its impact or story. some of the dialogue felt a little directionless and was simply there to pad out the film before the shock ending. all around though this was a well crafted film from a team that I look forward to seeing more from in the future

Default Avatar MistaTeas

This has a pretty cool opening montage and nice use of the match cut. Overall it was nicely shot and the tracking shots were well-executed. Not that much of a story here though as there was only minor interaction between the characters and as a result I cared little for them. I agree that it was perhaps a touch too long given the lack of action or variety in the narrative. As others have mentioned, the shock-ending was rather predictable. Good work though, gents.

Hi Team Good concept, opening montage created a good setup which worked well in the juxtaposition of then walking down the road. It was a shame that the flow you started didnt continue. Its was good that you didnt let the story wonder on for too much longer. Not so good, middle part was bloated and was not as interesting when the other character did very little. Ending was O.K and I didnt expect it, but having said that, it would have been very very very unlikely to ever occur. Suspension of disbelief? Technically, you kept to one side of the line well and when you did cross the line it was done mostly correct. Watch your background (with the crew in it). And just a tad bit of colour correction/balancing would have gone down a treat. Be good to see what you can produce next year.

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