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One of the most original takes I've seen on the Cat & Mouse genre, yet somehow such an obvious and simple approach. TRAP is great from beginning to end, and doesn't outstay its welcome. I could see it getting into the city finals, though I wonder if the POV approach with the camera movement could be seen as low quality work, which this film definitely was not. It's a yes from me, but we'll have to wait for the judge's call.

A superb film and technically well done. You have an interesting POV take on the genre (and your team name serendipitously fits perfectly!). Good stuff.

Simple premise, well executed, strong female lead as you had in the last two films. Only issue was the last scene, really enjoyed the neck snapping but I feel the understated reaction of the secondary character left an emptier feeling at the end. In saying that, still expect to see you featured in the finals!

I was really looking forward to this team's entry- My favourite entry from this team being 'Bearly', due to the great acting of the lead. In this one I felt it was taken away by the gimmick POV mouse shots. Got any grapes? I did feel let down by this one due to the gain on the screen with the lesser quality and was looking forwards to being more immersed in the role of a rodent, such as running through gib-board, dwangs and pipes and more twitching, rather than static shots. My favourite moments were when trapped in the bowl, and when the actress was playing with the noose- perhaps a channel back to her 'Bearly' character. Perhaps having more time to convert to higher quality and setting up more elaborate shots would have enhanced it considerably. Keep up the stellar acting performances! I look forwards to seeing more in the future!

The camera work for the mouse did a good job of creating and conveying character via movements. The gratuitous rack focus between the cheese and the poison got a laugh from me. The ending opened more questions for me than it answered Well told story with minimal talking. Show not tell at its finest.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A resourceful mouse causes havoc in a couple's kitchen. Shot via MouseCam this short from 48HR veterans "Dragon V Mouse" once again hits the spot with their unique comedy and creative brand of story delivery. There were some very clever shots achieved - (eg the bowl) and I enjoyed the progression the mouse made through the film - especially in not having everything his/her way. The particular evil streak running through the mouse was well received by the Heat 3 audience. Couple of points I'd make: 1) the ending didn't quite work for me as the mouse who'd been particular evasive for the majority of the film was suddenly quite compliant; and 2) I have seen similar shorts recently involving insects but I enjoyed this one a lot more! Should make it to the city final! Nice work once again!

If there was an award for best use of the cinema sized screen (and why is there not?!?!) then this film should win it. The unbelievably strong and effective POV style of this film elevates a pretty simple story to greatness This short succeeds in a way that not nearly enough 48hours films even attempt. It gives the viewer an experence. Short stoures are fine. But I like to go to the cinema for an experience. Im calling it now. This was the best use of the technical element in chch this year. Crazy simple. Unbelievablely funny moment. Testiment to how well the pov was. Fuck i didnt realise how good this film is untill just now. Finalist for sure. If it had done more (not been so simple in its ending) I could imagine seeing this win the city. But the judges typically have hard ons for story over stye/concept. Pity.

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