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#2 way

by Zebra Crossing Inc 81 views


Fun and entertaining. An amazing amount of work went into it.

Default Avatar J48Hours

A Lego film mustn't be an easy task, but this team did a great job! Enjoyed every minute of it!

Default Avatar CoolKidsRUs

Good animations with the lego. Felt like the fart noises were going for an easy laugh but the voice overs were nice and worked well

So much work! You certainly have to be keen to attempt something like this. But well done.

What I liked: I'm a huge fan of high concept 48hours entries and I can only imagine the kind of workload a film like this would have created for the team. Thankfully then the final result was totally worth it. dynamic camera moves, some very slick stop motion animation and proper close ups. To me everything about this film was great. I look forward to watching it again!

How embarrassing it was to discover another film in the city finals next to ours who used Harper as a ditsy bimbo forced to be a hero, right down to the paleo parody. Oh well! I can't really complain as this film is a slick stop-motion ride that is as hilarious as it is clever. Much better than some other similar styled films I've seen in the competition before. The story was a little out there, but I guess it's able to be with lego.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

In a Lego world, a self-absorbed bimbo must escape from from the alternate dimension her vanity transported her to. I should start this review by mentioning my general inability to warm to Lego based films. I certainly appreciate the time, effort and skill that goes into producing one and #2way is one of the better examples of it. Great camerawork, design and obviously a whole heap of fun to make. Lots of action, great voice-work and nice touches of humour. Deserving of the animation award for CHCH so well done.

I saw this at the Heats, and again at the City Final - sorry, finally getting around to putting my thoughts on paper for this one, been a bit slack. Anyway, I think I really have to critique this film from two very distinct angles - in terms of production, and story. So for starters, wow, just gorgeous the use of Lego animation. The animation itself was extremely commendable, with a great sense of required frame rate and use of action, etc. But beyond that, the shots were well-considered in filmic terms also, with the sets beautifully lit and thoughtfully focused, all contributing to a very handsome animated film. To the story, it was certainly functional, and did the business it needed to do. But I’ll be honest, I felt a bit frustrated that it didn’t match the same high standard that the production values had, and instead felt rather like an afterthought. Probably the biggest missed opportunity for me was in the voices, which were American-accented for no particular reason, inevitably drawing comparison with the recent Lego Movie, and I would have loved to see the same situations rendered with equivalent kiwi personalities instead. That aside, the initial setup was cute and silly, and set a nice tone. Maybe there was a similarly-toned ending that I was craving. And the light touches of casual misogyny in the script were a bit cringey - if it had to go there, I would have loved to see this played out as a cliché set up then subverted. If this had been a 7-minute film then the above complaints would have become magnified immensely, but as it stood, with a nice short running time everything moved along at a crisp pace, so the missteps were only minor wrinkles rather than total mood-killers. I don’t know if Zebra are planning on any further Lego animation attempts in future, but if it does happen then I’d love to see where else the medium might take you.

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