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Best Before

by Rocket Boy Films 244 views


A magical "expired best-before date" sandwich transports the eater to other dimensions. A superb idea and executed very well. It wasn't completely clear if time passed at home between bites, but that was only a minor quibble of the over-all story. Loved this one.

What I liked: Great concept, well excited, pacing, cinematography and performance all serviced the story well. I can't think of anything that needed extra work with this one, it's nice to see simple story pulled off during 48hours, not every idea needs to be a mini feature film. I really liked this film and would not be at all surprised if it made the finals

This was one of my favourites in the heat. Nice, simple, yet well rounded story with a clever ending. Lots of different locations to mix it up as well.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Rocket Boy always make interesting shorts for this competition and they've done so once again! Looked and sounded pretty sharp, there were nice touches of humour and I was kept interested in terms of where our lead was going to end up next. This last point was crucial as really not a hell of a lot happens story-wise and we are given little clue as to why he's going the places he ends up. It's of little real concern though as they've obviously achieved everything they wanted to, producing a film that's easy to watch and enjoy. Well done!

I feel like you could have done a lot more with this idea. I loved the concept of an expired ham sandwich teleporting it's consumer to different dimensions, but nothing much happened. The other dimensions themselves weren't other-worldly, and as such I'd argue whether this fits the genre at all. There was one dimension where someone tried to take Harper's sandwich, and I wonder if maybe you should have made that the focus of your story; Harper trying to get back from this new dimension after someone takes his sandwich and teleports to his. The line delivery for both characters was very wooden too, Harper's wife sounded like she was reading lines off a script, and being removed visually didn't help this either. Technically this film was great, the camera work and editing are awesome. I'd say y'all just need to work on fleshing out a story, because you treated the concept like a one-trick pony, and I feel you could have been far more creative with it.

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