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by Synamatic 1,078 views


Hot damn! The camera work in ROOKIES is insane! Probably some of the best I've seen in the competition, though with those sweeping drone shots of cars driving away, I did get the feeling like I was watching a commercial. My only notes for you guys would be to improve your writing/storytelling, and improve your time management skills so you can hand the damn thing in on time! :)

Such a pity you were late to hand in. The drone footage of the car chase was superb. I especially liked the spin as the cars went around the roundabout. Good story too.

Good sound and music. Plot was straightforward. I would have liked to see a bit more heart, or sass, or struggle. Excellent camera and drone work, looked like a professional commercial.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a deal goes wrong the chase is on as two young lads endeavour to catch up to a clever young woman. This team seemed to have a number nice toys at their disposal and they used them really well. The camera work was top notch with an edit to match. Plenty of humour too as the inept chasers continued to find themselves thwarted. I guess it was little surprise then that by the films end they appeared to make very little effort to reclaim their car as it moved really slowly away. Shame about the DQ - better luck next year!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A classic take on the cat and mouse genre. great cinematograph, drone shots, and editing comedic hiding behind trees and running back past each other during the car chase. Some more wit in the writing would have really helped this film shine. Overall a great film and look forward to next year

Wow. It sure looked GREAT! The freaky part was how ive filmed several times at your final location. So weird to see such a specificly small spot in someone elses film. Great way to do cat and mouse. A chase film! Freaking epic

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

You're cinematography in this short is something next level. But... Please please please not get dq'd next year but other than that, keep up the good work.

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