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Very good concept, very good acting from the lead, beautifully shot. I felt that it fell at the last hurdle with the special effects at the end.

Default Avatar jb00784

Brilliantly executed short, very nice looking film with beautiful shots around Taylors Mistake. Love the twist at the end, well done guys :)

I was talking before the heat to some of the other competitors about how 'shock ending' is an unfair genre because it gives away that there is going to be a shock ending before you even start. I feel like this film suffered because of it's title card even more than the shock ending films, since the genre title very much tipped us to the ending that was coming. A well acted, well shot film, in a lovely choice of location. I think the film will pack a much bigger punch when people can watch it without knowing what genre it is in.

Default Avatar J48Hours

Definitely the best location out of this heat - Stunning views & the actress was incredible!

Default Avatar CoolKidsRUs

Enjoyed the Scenery but I was confused with what was really going on

Submission Impossible have done great stuff in the past, but I didn't enjoy it so much this year. I thought this one dragged a little in the middle, and the ending was predictable; to be fair, we knew the genre. Well shot, and quality made.

What I liked: Wonderful concept, beautifully crafted film, superbly acted. very moving story. Hearing the child while seeing her tearful reaction really got me. Submission Impossible always turn in interesting and often great films, this year was no exception. My only niggle was the final shot, the VFX really let you down, Less is more, simply having the colour grade change as dramatically as it does would have been enough. City Finals? 100%

As others have said on here, the foreknowledge of the genre had the unfortunate effect of defusing the potential surprise of the reveal in this film, which was a shame. And so I found myself watching this all the while moderately certain of what the situation was (well, I was thinking that either the phone call was a recording, or else the family were in some ship up in space and she was down on earth for some reason), and waiting for a secondary twist in the narrative that never came. In fact, the final shot with the flaming meteors or whatever they were oddly served to add more questions rather than answer them - if the earth was just getting destroyed now, how did everyone else die? But none of this takes away from the great character work that this team are steadily making a reputation for. The actress played it straight, with a grim, plausible determination in her demeanour as she purposefully scaled the hill. It's no surprise that members of this team have families, given the strong and credible writing and delivery of all the couple and parent/child relationship bits presented (and in this respect, this film is very much kin with their terrific time travel effort from a few years ago). The film looked really beautiful too (helped in no small part by the gorgeous location - was that Taylor's Mistake I spotted in the background?). Perhaps this was also a contributing factor in why the special effects shot at the end was so incongruous (i.e. that shot probably would have blended better with a more visually stylised film). I guess the main sense I had at the end was disappointment at a story cut short, a film stopped prematurely. Which is a testament to the character(s) and the set-up that I was enjoying so much.

Beautiful music and beautiful scenery accompany a great short with a cool concept. I think your initial idea, the last person on earth listening to the recordings of her lost family, is a great concept that maybe wasn't delivered in the best way, and by the time the twist is revealed, we all sort of guess what is going on. The final shot, as other reviewers have said, really took me out of the experience, and maybe Harper simply diving off the cliff to meet her family in the afterlife would have been a bit more impactful. Once again you guys deliver a great drama though, destroying my theory that only comedies make it in this competition.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman communicates via her phone with her husband and daughter as she travels alone across a beach and up a hill. I know Taylor's Mistake so well as my family have had a batch there for over 80 years so the location was both awesome to see in use but also in a way, overly familiar which pulled me out of the story. The idea behind this short was quite clever with the use of the phone call and journey the lead was taking gave a lot of meaning to the film. However, there were unanswered questions; why had she survived whatever it was initially when seemingly no one else had? Why was she climbing to the top of the hill - sacrifice or did she know what was coming? Well shot, acted and edited. Shame the ending caused a few giggles because the tension had actually been nicely developed.

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