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The Sounds Of Earth

by A Small Blob Of Ice Cream


{CRAFT_ID_SIG} voy_1
{MISSION_ELPS} 1741Y.09M.23D.16H.40M.12S
{DST_EARTH_AU} 6.065*10^3
{ALERT_STATUS} alrt_7_prox



With Voyager 1 swooping into view to kick start proceedings with a bang, it may comes as a surprise that the voyage of the 1970s space probe worked meerly as the ignition needed for a cutthroat examination of the human species itself.

A Small Blob Of Ice Cream's race against time here was a brilliant subversion of the genre, a darkly comic misanthropic celebration of the lust to kill and conquer those who are deemed different and therefore inferior.

Several shots had me wide eyed in awe such as the tractor beam. Wow. The aliens were incredibly well modeled and I loved the script throughout, with the language barrier that those from another world would have being brilliantly conveyed by some fantastic gargling 'voice' work.

Sound design was possibly my favourite part of this ditty with futuristic, metallic, scientific and alien sounds presenting a glorious pitch perfect outer space soundscape to proceedings.

Personally, I loved the purpose of racing to achieve the goal here, and the resolution had me chortling. I think a very minor thing for me was that the two protagonists didn't really feel differentiated until the very end of proceedings, and I do wonder if some slight conflict there could have elevated this further, but I loved it nevertheless.

Story: 4/5
Technical: 4.5/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5

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