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by Charles Delivery Service

A reluctant Hitman takes on one last job stealing a time traveling device to win back his soul. However, not every Tadpole makes it out of the pond.


Some good techniques used here, although the long dialogue scene in the casino could have been trimmed a bit. The ADR was well done, but the audio overall was missing some atmosphere (like sfx of slot machines, or even just some room tone), which I know is not a massive priority, but if you have time to add in the weekend can be a huge improvement to the film.

This is a very specific and very strange film - kudos to the team for executing such weird ideas, I genuinely had no idea where each scene would take us next, and the finale was wild.

The Casino location is a pretty good get though feels overused and underused at the same time? We're there for so much of the film and yet confined to the same two or three shots.

My main issue with this film, outside of not really following the story, was that the actors really seemed to lack conviction - I'm not sure what the deal is here but it reads like someone wrote this script and then gave it to actors who didn't really understand the material - the performances given feel very wooden, like they've just read their next line moments before delivering it.

Baffled but somewhat in love with the frog character.

I have no idea what's happening here.

Things you got right: Great locations, a very interesting and confident directorial voice, certainly a lot weirder and therefore more captivating than most films.

Thing to work on for next time: More believable performances and more clarity in your storytelling.

Had a bit of a hard time following the story, however, very cool location shoot at the Casino.

Wow so cool you got to film in the casino! I'd be real keen to try that next time. Team up perhaps? Or maybe I could share my props or something in exchange for "who do I talk to to film in the casino" type information.
Nice blood effects too. Awesome.

Good effort team.

There was a lot of hit and miss in this film. Audio could've been better - casino background noises, there was a hum in there. There could have been a more variety of shots to keep us engaged, the dialogue dragged on in the casino quite a bit - and the overdub of the actors was obvious and needed to be masked with some cut aways or something.
The story was wishy washy and was not in the Horror realm at all unfortunately.

Cool use of blood effects, though I wish I actually saw him hit him - but meh lol

Good work team

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