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Tart de Turd

by ShaVik


The "oh my god!" at the end was one of my favorite line deliveries from this year festival... it had us in stitches. I just wish the investors had eaten the Tart de Turd as well as the boss... would have been grosser.

How sweet revenge is when it's served in the form of cat shit?! lol - thanks for delivering a film that had a gutsy enough character that did exactly what we wish we had the guts to do IRL.

There was a lot that wasn't hitting the mark for me tech-wise, I wish there was a bit more depth in the story - and to be fair, I saw the ending coming quite early on - which the ending I'm assuming was the big hoorah for the film. Would have been good to mask it a better - but meh. Other than that, good effort on the film team - love seeing the fam getting involved as well :)

We've all had bosses who are a bit too demanding, though chauvinistic and abusive as per this film absolutely makes the revenge satisfying. A very raw film as a kitchen worker gets pushed over the edge by her unfair manager.

My personal take on the script is that there was such a high level of demand on the poor worker that the comment on him disliking female chefs because they are always late really felt a bit sexist and unnecessary for the plot of the film. But I was in two minds to bring that up because it looks like there was a female producer or director on the team, and I guess the whole idea was to show what an asshole the boss character was/is.

From a technical level there were some flaws that could have been improved upon. The audio on this short was wildly fluctuating with some echoey dialogue in the open indoor areas the short was shot in, whilst characters talked over the top of each other a couple of times when a singular character talking would have focused the action for the audience.
I also felt the edit was a bit jumpy, with the 50/50 line broken on numerous occassions. Camerawork also took me out of fully engaging a bit as the white balance had some issues resulting in several shots overblown with bloom, plus some out of focus.
Lastly in terms of framing some of the choices in particular in the restaurant created distance by using medium or long side on shots, when I just personally felt that some isometric or even front on shots of key characters would have brought the action to life in a more cinematic fashion.

Plotwise the basic idea of film was fine, and a cat shit resolution absolutely ticked the satisfying box of revenge as well as your gross out comedy requirement for genre, but the script to deliver the plot in an engaging fashion needed work and I just feel that technically there was a lot that could have been improved.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 1/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 1/5

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