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Skuxx Dogs 4 Life


"The Skuxxdogs" (Sam & Alex) are tired of petty crimes and crave something more, recognition. After a mysterious call offering the perfect job, the two embark on a journey delivering a dangerous package to sabotage the mafia.


Given a much-needed job of delivering a package, a couple of BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD types lazily make their way to the spot to avoid being followed. A very cruisy and casual observation of slob life with our protagonists having CVs that highlighted tagging and public urination as their main skills.

There were definitely a couple of gross moments from the shambles of the apartment to the huge spray sneeze on the car window and...yep, that's a penis. Thanks guys.

Funny at times for sure, but the audio was very inconsistent with multiple peaks and pops throughout and I felt the edit was a little bit jumpy. Whilst consistent in tone with a SLACKER/JAY AND SILENT BOB approach, I felt the ending did not really give much of a resolution either. Your actors were good though, so well done to them.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 1.5/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 1.5/5

Hold on a second. I'm so embarrassed. I literally missed the impressive spewing in the heat viewing. So sorry. Please bump up your story grade a whole point. Sorry team. Frigging heck :(

Watching this, I genuinely wanted to see what the Skuxx Dogs got up to next. Of all the 48 Hour Films I watched, this was the only one where I felt like I would watch a series starring these characters. Your sound did not do you any favors, but I just really loved the characters and I hope you do more with them in the future. This was my #2 Audience favorite for this heat, it would have been #1 but I had to give that spot to my own film :P

I enjoyed the relationship between the boys. I got where the story was going, so credit for those involved with the writing of the plot etc.
Though.. there was a lot that didn't hit the mark with the film technically - editing could have been more crisp - there were some parts I didn't hear what was going on, some audio came off the video, to name a few. Def hit the mark with the gross-out part lol, not so much the comedy for me - but meh - everyone to their own.
The story could have had more depth - but meh.
Good effort team!

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