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Odd Socks

by Ramshackled

A group of 6 odd socks partake in a group therapy session to seek redemption in their lives but they get more than they bargained for when they bump into an unlikely hero... In the dark!


Good Effort with this animation. Animation is tough during the 48hours, so good work sticking with it. you used the software to help you track the eyes and mouth shapes to save time, which was great in a dialogue heavy film. some of the dialogue fell flat for me, the old grumpy sock was a bit annoying and not very funny.

I think you could have set up each sock a bit more with clearer visuals at the beginning when you were locked on the establishing shot, you could have cut inside to each sock, established their design and then the power cuts out, setting up each sock, and who they belonged to through stronger drawings alone would have helped.

I liked the general idea of each sock could be paired with the other in the group, just needed a stronger execution.

great work, look forward to seeing more animation from you in future

At Odd Socks Anonymous, half a dozen foot anthropomorphic sweaty foot coverings try to come to terms with having lost their other halves, only for a long-time inhabitant of the building to offer hope and chance at redemption in spite of his gruff exterior as the story developed into a heart of darkness quest.

I thought the voice acting of the janitor here was really top notch, presenting a withered old sock who had lived a really hard life and gave the film a neo noir edge with his dark humour in particular the joke about baked milk.

I also liked how you tried to give several of the socks some character with distinctive drawings and memorable histories such as the sock who was relentlessly used by their former owner.

On a further positive not, for mine I liked the animation. A bit more texture to both the socks and backgrounds would have been nice to make the film come alive, but the constant movement of something on screen allowed it to feel organic for the most part. Colour play was strong and whilst sound was a little raw with some peaks, as advised the voice work was really well done so that made up for it.

The slight issues I had with the film is that it felt like a 2 part film with a focused opening half and a focused second half, rather than an organic beginning, middle and end. We were drawn into the group meeting quite suddenly, and then went on the quest when the power went out. For me this was possibily because the speeches of the socks went on a little bit too long and it felt like we were being talked to rather than engaged with at times.

I also wasn't the biggest fan of some of the janitor sock's humour which sometimes felt a bit crude and throwaway, especially given some of his wise words really did hit the mark in other places. He definitely did end up being an antihero, but perhaps the balance of that character was not quite right, for lack of a better word.

But I appreciate you went for it with a detailed script that had some very unique dialogue and the message of not needing a perfect match was resounding. Looking forward to more from you in future for sure.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

Really enjoyed this film.

Good effort on the animation, I could see a whole series built on this type of animation (old school South Park-esque). The story was clever, dodgy in parts - but meh, the characters I could see being in a series of short films, well done with the dialogue, I think the ending fell flat - but meh.

Good effort - I want a second episode lol

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