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The Seven Problems

by Hornby Heroes

Teenagers. Filled with hormones, angst, and far too many emotions. The Counsellor is about to find out exactly why they shouldn't have superpowers


A super fun, super charming little film which, while lacking in production value, made up for it in humour!

I found myself genuinely laughing out loud at some of the jokes, the highlight being anything said by the girl playing Emily, such a softly spoken character, and a great twist that she was the murderer/killer.

The sense of humour here is so wonderfully Zoomer, I loved it.

Things you got right: A very funny film, with some innovative makeup and a final product that looks like it would have been super fun to make.

Things to work on for next time: Beyond just learning the craft of filmmaking more (better gear, production values, editing ect.), I'd encourage Hornby Heroes to attempt something a little more grand scale, get out of the interrogation room and make an epic adventure!

A zoomer whodunnit that moved at a frenetic pace to try and shove as much storytelling and characters as possible into its 3 minute run time. This was vibrant, zany and colourful and played nicely on the trop of an unreliable narrator.

The 2 main things I would have suggested working on would have been slightly more interesting locations or backgrounds. You had a vibrant aesthetic so the contrast of the plain wall and gymnasium did desaturate the mood just a tad. Secondly would be audio. Loud audio can be fine just if it peaks too much it can be a little harsh on the ears, and whilst I appreciate that having all the characters argue was because of the ferocity of the debate, having them talk over each other meant that I lost some key dialogue in proceedings.

On second watch here in the screening room I'll give you props for a lot of your edit, with some really smooth transitions especially when moving from static interviews to dyanmic recollections because static to fluent is not always the easiest to pull off, so well done there. But I feel like the film did need to relax just a little bit. As I mentioned it was over in 3 minutes whereas I personally felt that for the film to breath, we as viewers might have needed 20 or 30 seconds more. Same story but just not quite as frenetic pacing would have made the story clearer. Just my 2c.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

Was a fun film to watch team - well done.

I enjoyed the story, had me laughing a few times, I get what was happening - so well done there and I thought overall your team did a great job pulling this together.

Made sense having an invisible girl - so cool use of invisibility, though I did feel like the rest of the elements were thrown in there just coz. I also feel like you could have utilized the 'superhero' genre a lot stronger, definitely had the potential to.

Obviously, in term of tech and production - it could have been better all round - but hey, I think y'all did a solid job with what y'all had.

Great effort team!

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