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Castle Cat-burglars

by The 5 Musketeers


This was a really cool location (and suit of armour). It had a fun vibe and the failed invisibility potion was both a really cool use of element and some excellent visual effects. I think the story could have been a bit stronger with a bit more attention paid to character, plot, stakes and story ending to really enhance the invisibility potion storyline.

Didn’t 100% follow what happens, but a really great use of invisibility and an awesome location make for a decent entry. I think some things to think about would be some clarification around the story, what the character’s motivations are, and I know it’s hard, but thinking of a satisfying ending that will resolve the conflict brought up in the film. Eg. Have the hero’s do something smart to overcome the knight that is chasing them, rather than them just running away.

Cloaked druid types plan a heist to steal a well guarded crystal from an imposing castle, that will bring them wealth beyond their wildest dreams. Really well done invisibility and a nice little exploration of how greed can undo anyone.

The locations and costumes were well presented, utilising nice tight angles to provide a believable medieval setting. I think your actors played their parts well, and the knight guarding the treasure was a particular highlight.

Some memorable imagery was at play here, but there were a few instances where I felt that lighting didn't quite hit the mark, and the ending felt rushed. Still, a fast paced and fun short, just perhaps a bit light in terms of both motivation for the crystal, and consequence. You certainly entered the scene late and exited early, which is good film making advice to follow, but it came at the expense of a little bit more plot that I felt was needed.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

A whole bunch of awesome stuff in this film - from the castle to the knight in an actual suit of armour - I never want to learn your secrets, Musketeers.

The invisibility stuff was great too, though Idk if that's a secret I think I can probably work out how you did that one.

The story could have used a little more work - with all the elements at your disposal I think it could have been a little more grand scale.

You audio was also extremely quiet - might need to check on that sort of thing next time.

I've really enjoyed watching the Musketeers get better each year, and I think I'll probably see you in the finals one day.

Things you got right: Awesome production values, a great location, props, costumes and effects.

Things to work on for next time: A story that breaks expectation and gets bigger and better - and also better/louder audio!

I thought use of location was great, the story was good (though similar to other stories out there), your actors were all good too, the use of elements were well done - and the SFX with the invisibility worked well - good effort.

The audio was quiet, this needed to be tended. The script could have had more work on it. Needed a better ending - but meh.

Job well done :)

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