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Somebody Someone Stephanie Cullen

5 Reviews


Trolley King

You really played into the musical genre excellently, and your humour was on point. The shots of the character zooming around on a trolley (and falling out of it) were hilarious. The concept of the character was great with a lot of potential; I think a stronger story would have made this film really great.


Rob was one of my favourites from this heat. The chemistry your actors had was great, and the humour really worked for it. It was clever to shoot it via security footage but I think the limited shot options and numerous high angles started working against at after a while; once inside the house, using only security cameras took away from the performance of the two actors (who were great). But a very funny film overall.


I loved your film's titles and how the story came back around to it at the end. The chase scene was pretty exciting as well, and the foreshadowing throughout the film really made the ending pay off.

Castle Cat-burglars

This was a really cool location (and suit of armour). It had a fun vibe and the failed invisibility potion was both a really cool use of element and some excellent visual effects. I think the story could have been a bit stronger with a bit more attention paid to character, plot, stakes and story ending to really enhance the invisibility potion storyline.

The Immortal

The visual effects are really impressive and it's incredible you were able to do that as part of 48 hours. However, I think it might have hamstrung you in the long run because setting your story in a row-boat really limited what you were able to do in terms of cinematography, story and acting. A stronger script with weaker visual elements would have made for an overall better film, and I think for this film its expository storytelling and one-location setting really let it down. But in future years, if you can put the story first and use the visual elements to enhance the script, you have the skills to create a really amazing film.