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Doom Comes to Mars-Town

by Mad Scientists


A great location and some well used effects, both practical and digital, make for a fun little sci-fi adventure, although I’m a little fuzzy on what the story was at the end there.

Also notice you had some issues with the aspect ratio masking. Pro tip (at least if using Premiere Pro): make your sequence the wide aspect ratio (eg. 1920x800), and then because 48Hours requires it, drag your entire sequence into a new 1920x1080 sequence for export. Much better than physically sticking a black bars png on top!

Honestly, I didn't even realise this was probably shot in a LASER STRIKE building until I saw the logo when your credits rolled. I thought you did a superb job making your set believable as a Mars 'missing link' base for marines to fight off aliens, monsters and demons, DOOM-style.

Answering the distress signal call from a Doctor who has been stationed for 2 years doing research, the ALIENS like crew were stoic and likeable with some enjoyable teleportation humour. I appreciated the classic Mad Scientists blood soaked shootout making a reappearance. Awesome monster costume near the end as well. Overall a hoot and had me grinning from ear to ear. Technically a bit rough around the edges but I have no complaints.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5

Had a blast watching this one. What a great location to be able to use and I think it was used perfectly.
The gag at the end was really fun too and ultimately, just watching people with fun vfx and costuming and looking like they had a good time made me enjoy it all the more.

As expected, this is a fun ride from Mad Scientists - lasers guns, armoured troops teleportation, alien monsters and a big action sequence. Great sets, typical MS green screening and an enthusiastic cast. It's a heavy dose of 1970s Doctor Who really.
Couple of things for me - 1) I found the start a bit slow...too much talk setting things up as we went from a minute of the "Help us" footage to nearly another minute of "getting the troops ready". 2) We didn't really spend time with any one character so I found it hard to know who's story this was.

Still, there was a great teleportation set-up and gag which is nicely played. Nice job, Mad Scientists!

This was like a 80s throwback - a kind of throwback I enjoy.

To take on a gun fight in space was a ballsy decision - big props for that!
The FX was fun and added special sauce to the film - making it more engaging.

In terms of the characters, our main man turned bad and died pretty quickly and we were left with a hero that we really wasn't introduced to - which was a hit off the mark for me.
I feel like some of the shots were on a diagonal - it's like the camera was positioned on a tripod with a broken leg - don't know if it was intentional but I found myself tilting my head watching a few of the scenes.
The overdub of the audio was obvious for me - could have been a bit cleaner - but meh.

Overall, enjoyed the story. Enjoyed the use of location. Well done team! Y'all should be proud!

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