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The Second Coming of Draven

by Rustic Films

When cultists bring upon a deity's second coming, they find out they've been worshiping him for the wrong reasons...


I enjoyed the comedic subversion of the genre here, I just feel that this was a great idea that could have been explored a bit more. The dialogue from the cultists was a bit repetitive, it would have been cool if there were some explanations as to how David the medium got misconstrued into being known as Draven, like a thousand years of miscommunication. And then at the end I would have liked to see David do something, rather than just have everyone walk away plainly. When they asked him to kill all the unfaithful I was expecting them to suddenly explode or something, as they were the ones that were unfaithful to David. Or perhaps I’m reading it wrong? Still, a solid effort and a great visual effect to sell your invisible character.

Throughout the ages, a second coming of Draven has been foretold, and those who worship him are extremely excited when their demonic summoning appears to work given the prophecy says that all unfaithful will be killed. But like a longcon game of communication whispered down the ages, the summoned being is not all that they expected.

The comic touches here were clever such as the cultists interrupting the announcement speech of their deity, and the medium powers being revealed. The anger and rage of the lead hooded figure was powerfully presented, providing contrast with the light humour to good effect.

What I found let the film down a little was it just being a little bit light in tone, and definitely felt like a bit of a plain location despite the nice costumes and well done invisibility.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

Good work team!

Loved the effort put into the shots and the edit. For the most part, I enjoyed the story - even though its concept is a recycled one - I enjoyed it as it progressed. Though, I did feel the ending fell flat - but meh.

I liked the light humour throughout the story - even though its set to be quite dark, it was good to break it up and kept it more engaging for me as a viewer. It looked like y'all had a fun shoot - and I felt it through the screen - thank you for sharing the fun.

Overall - well done!

A really fun premise - very 48Hoursian in a good way - really funny and some great visual effects with the Draven/not Draven spirit..

Ultimately it feels like the premise doesn't take us anywhere beyond a quirky argument between the cult members and the ghost though, it could have been cool to see the situation escalate and maybe even visit some other locations, though at the same time I respect the creative decision to contain it.

Nice use of stock footage too.

Things you got right: The perfect kind of premise for this competition

Things to work on for next time: Upping the stakes and being a little more ambitious with your storytelling.

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