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by Four Species

A woman in a struggling marriage turns to her home assistant device, Scot to help her through the days.


A woman trapped in a lonely marriage turns to her Siri-like device 'Scot' for advice and companionship, as she has forgotten what it feels like to be loved with her husband often leaving her with the kids for work trips. It feels like she has put her life on hold.

This was an intimate film, shot with a deliberate academy ratio to tightly focus our attention, that covered some fairly heavy ground. I've been through a divorce myself and finding a balance or fairness to a relationship and family can be incredibly hard to achieve.

What I liked about this film was its introspective nature, and a message of communication being key to getting through life; listening to others and not just our own internal monologue. The lead actress gave a rousing performance selling a range of emotions across the arc of the story.

Where I felt the film felt a little bit flat was first of all relying overly heavily on many of the concepts explored in Spike Jonze's HER, and secondly whilst a lovely message the ending felt a tad rushed. Whilst I was satisfied with the growth our lead actress made, I felt that everything was just wrapped up a bit too quickly. Did Scot give sage advice? Yes, but in a way it felt like the lead went from trapped to lovey-dovey and ready to rekindle her romance in an instant.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5

Enjoyed watching this - thanks.

The story was well done. Jumping in and out of the narration was good. Edit was good. Visuals were good. Audio could have been better - but meh. It felt Black Mirror-esque and actually worked quite well.
Don't think it hit the mark for the genre given - other than that I think y'all did really well!

Great effort team!

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