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Exorcise And Subscribe

by Pinky and The Brain


Overall, great effort! Get a tick in the box for me in terms of a lot of the tech aspects of the film, even though there were a couple of audio pops, but meh. The story overall was enjoyable to watch, even though I was waiting for the ghost/demon to actually do something lol but hey, nice ending to finish it off. Well done!

With jibes at real estate agents and the folley of content creators, Pinky and the Brain made a really creative haunted by a ghost film, where even a call to the local police won't do the trick.

I really liked the camerawork and editing here first of all. I think you did a terrific job making the film look cinematic in a suburban house which is usually the death knell for 48 Hours entries, but instead the self aware nature of the short allowed our focus to be moved to the really strong story on display.

Performances were strong, both by the unlucky man whose newly acquired antique clock unleashes hell and how he frantically tries one exorcising advice tip after the other, and the woman playing the demon, who was an excellent deadpan folley.

The big thing that let the film down were some considerable audio spikes and pops. Also whilst I absolutely loved the comedy with lots of laughs, I just felt like the stakes could have been raised a little bit higher. We know she's a demon, yes, but an implication of impending death or doom or torment, or even showing what she was capable of and why the possession had to stop would have elevated the short more in my opinion. Nice payoff, though.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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