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Scooping Up the Truth - What Happened To Brain Boy

by Bush Gang

Finding a lost superhero and seeing where they are 10 years later


Sorry guys, but I was a bit confused getting through the story and figuring out what was actually going on. I think the use of the heartbeat was cool and added to the mood that you were aiming for during that section. Good effort team. Unluggy on the DQ.

Everyone has a person or thing that they look up to in life, and it can be a lifelong dream to be granted an audience. For me that was George Romero, who I met in 2008 and he was basically just a cranky old man. Here Bush Gang show through their CHRONICLE inspired mockumentary how our heroes are often just as fallible as we are.

Brain Boy is our interviewer's golden goose, a child prodogy with telekenesis and molecule manipulation powers with a particular affinity for spoons, and we see how 10 years of searching has allowed a comic book hero become just a regular person, or so it seems.

Technically this was pretty good, in particulary I really liked your flying spoon VFX and superhero eyes, though bit weirded out by the change from flat to scope aspect ratio just over halfway through, the story was a bit of letdown for me.

Not just because of the mockumentary style, although that did in my opinion produce some meandering interview moments, but I felt like the narrative arc put so much weight on finding Brain Boy, that for them to there... meant we had to reset our story expectations, and instead got Brain Boy rambling about their life and then getting upset at the crew for laughing at their pet rock confidant.
Honestly the film just fell apart for me in the last 90 seconds during the rage and inner monologue. If there was a metaphor or analogy you were trying to cover here it missed me sorry.

Story: 1/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 1/5 (the pet rock as the confidant was a huge miss)
Overall: 1/5

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