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Urine Trouble!

by Aarons Censorship Trial

Urine Trouble! The terrifying realisation that no-one feels the need to attend confession so we must now go to incredible and questionable lengths to ensure the souls of congressional congregations can continue to sin with minimal consequences. But wait a minute, what’s that? Oh, never mind it was nothing. No it is something, that’s one shiny antihero you’ve got there.


Ok, first of all, unless something else as absolutely what the fuck bugnuts and bonkers comes along in this year's competition, this will be the only film I don't give out my arbitrary grades to. The Incredibly Strange award for 2021 is yours if it is a thing this year. Because this is just a next level fuck the establishment do what they want sort of effort that simply needs to be experienced and to give it a rating would be more like comparing dildos and oranges than films.

With that out of the way, I loved your film. Holy moly did I love it with every bone in my body.

After some sort of story framing device set in 2007, the future, where bitches need to repent their sins to a blowup doll, a sponsored message allows the true film to begin. This being of course a rapping killer robot who wants to take drugs to feel a buzz whilst they fill your ass with lead. Or something like that. Like much, much, much, much more than that.

Be thankful AJ that they put your photos in a satanic ritual pentagram. Genuinely, what an honour!

Credits were off the hook. DMX in the house!

Aarons (insert topical descriptor) have really made this kind of film their specialty over the last how ever many years. They are the undisputed kings of the most "out there fuckery" in CHCH. They also have an unhealthy obsession with AJ but that's probably another film at another time.

So, the songs in "Urine Trouble" are pretty catchy and the robot costuming is awesome. There's some method in their madness somewhere or other, so from an audience POV my advice with this film (and their previous entries) is to absorb, enjoy and pull out those bits that make you smile. Certainly don't dismiss anything. This team are a great example to others - make the film you want to make, stand by it 100% and overdose on the fun.

Some funny gags throughout, I think the highlight was the credits song, or the photo of me because I'm a narcissist. Analysing my selfie was great.

Completely chickened out of Ultra though - the challenge is there for you to embrace it, not find a way around it, and if anything I thought the stuff in the dark satanic ritual was more compelling than the killer robot stuff.

I didn't really understand the story, but that's relatively normal for an Aaron's film.

Pretty good reaction from the crowd, was a much better audience for it than any of the people I vetted the films with.

Things you got right: Some funny stuff, some cool costumes and set dressing.

Things to work on for next time: Maybe do away with the blow up doll, I don't mind the crassness but your films always flirt with sort of a vague sexism that makes me uncomfortable. Also do Ultra properly, and don't make your team name something directly offensive.

My annual challenge for you next year: Have a strong female protagonist! A fully fledged female hero, someone who is actually played by a woman and is not belittled or made fun of for being a woman.

R.I.P DMX to start with..

I think there was a lot of confusion about what the story was about..

Technically, could have had steadier shots, the ultra elements at the beginning and the cut away were meh lol

I was entertained by the song and some of the lyrics lol Well done!

Can i get these songs on spotify plz

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