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Not All Drug Dealers Wear Capes

by TarantiNO more takes pls

Two friends become suspicious of their new flatmate, after he starts acting strange. One tries to convince the other that he is a drug dealer to no avail.


This was cool! Very clever idea (we also had superhero genre and spent hours trying to figure out a story, so I know how tricky it was! Very well written, and great acting (esp by the blonde girl- it’s not easy to give a reserved, supporting character a personality with depth, let alone make the viewer invested in said character- which is exactly how I felt!) Unfortunately I feel like the film was let down a little technically. While you had great, clear video compared to a lot of groups, the sound was a little difficult to discern and some strange shots pulled me out of the story (crossing the line, irregular composition on closeups and the handheld feel of some shots). I also feel like this could’ve benefited a lot from a more expansive soundtrack!! I totally get (and love) the technique of cutting audio for comedic purposes when a character delivers an awkward line, but it felt a little overdone here- meaning that when it was implemented, it didn’t have as greater impacts. Props to your editor, too- this was well cut, I especially loved the transition at 3.15seconds- it really preluded to the frantic chaos of the following scene. Overall, you guys should be so pleased- you picked a difficult storyline but executed it really well with what you had on hand. Love seeing young teams and looking forward to your work next year!!

Wearing their love for the New Beverly Cinema owner on their sleeve, this superhero film was told in chapters as the two women in the flat played sleuth and speculators regarding their male flatmate's strange behaviour.

A blackeye and a burner phone only add to their paranoia, and it is fun to see them have a eureka! moment by pinning everything on his being a drug dealer. Though at the same time not seeing the forrest from the trees as the guy takes mysterious phone calls and chases people down with the women oblivious.

For mine, the comedic highlight of the film was the line "it's one of 2 things, either drugs...or meth" as the flatmate leading the investigation played is straight on her cork board of findings.

One of the issues for me is that everything lead to a fairly predictable throwaway joke at the end, although I genuinely loved your little VFX fly away shot.

On a technical level I personally felt things just needed more punch, with a couple of audio clicks and fuzz on the soundtrack, whereas some folley or additional sound design could have done wonders.

More punch applies to where the script could have improved too. Whilst I appreciate the idea may have been to make the women as believable everyday people, the audio mix was very quiet to begin the film, with not much emotion or dramatic impact about what they were speculating on until well into the film when we got to the cork board. I'm not saying to have the characters yell but something that indicated the stakes had been raised would have helped the film a lot.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 2/5

Great work team!

The dynamics with the two girls worked for me. I liked the performance of the friend that believed he was a superhero, well done there. Tech-wise, there were some good shots, some good lighting, the edit was ok, audio could have been better - but meh.

All in all - I got the story, I wish the ending hit a bit better, but was enjoyable regardless. Thanks team, awesome effort!

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