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Operation: Snuffles

by Sleep is for the Week

Mason meticulously plans and acts out a heist to steal his dad's car keys and sneak out to see his crush.


Not sure if it was meant to finish that way team.. but hey, from we saw. I thought it was a good film.
I always enjoy a good narrative driven short film, which I think your team nailed. The edits were good, transitions that were used are usually cheesy - but y'all made it work - so well done. Shots were all good, your main actor was all good, I think some of the timing of the shots were drawn out too far. The lighting of the shots felt like it didn't sync up (e.g. he was doing the heist 5.30pm but every shot felt like he was dipping in and out of the morning, afternoon and night)... but meh.
Regardless.. Well done team - good effort!

Ok so I called out a team who took 28 seconds on pouring nutri grain into a bowl to start their film, so to be honest I'll need to call out the fact this took a 23 second opening shot to slowly move from a teddy bear on a bed to a box package. Just way too long to get going in 48 hours sorry team.

From here our lead actor concocts a plan with Mr. Snuffles as to how to get to his crush's house, a meticulous corkboard outlining how he will get the keys to his parent's car, but only has 2 and a half minutes to pull it off.

With dad distracted by the rugby, where yes fair play you blurred the All Blacks, although weirdly included audio of Murray Mexted commentating? This made the film seem in an out of sync year given he retired in 2012, as well as the daylight also being at odds with the 5.30pmish timeframe. Anyway, our lead makes his move, navigating past creaky stairs to get to the automobile and see his Juliet-type muse.

This was a small scale film and whilst some of the edits were nicely done, some shots and concepts simply took a little bit too long to traverse even if it was a charming familial payoff. I personally think a bit more time spent on motivation for attempting the heist would have made things more engaging, because if we had empathy for his plight then the stakes would have been raised and we as an audience would have been on the edge of our seats wanting him to succeed. By reducing the relationship to a couple of texts at the start of the film I felt it reduced the drama the film needed to truly succeed, in my opinion.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

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