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"Friends In Life And Death"

by The Gym Guys


Good effort team. Regardless of the technical issues with the film I enjoyed the story as it progressed. I'm actually confused - thinking, did the girls actually find out that they were dead in the end, or did I miss something?? Shot team!

Things start of eerily strange in this short as women come to in a car at different intervals and then go about their daily lives at school only to slowly unravel that life is not as they know it anymore.

Several enthusiastic actors in this short, and I liked most of the framing. I think the big thing that I noticed that could have used work was the edit, with a lot of jumpy disjointed cuts that made the film hard to follow both from a plot point of view and in terms of what was happening on screen.

The music choices were nice and was that an original song in the credits if I'm reading correctly? Because it sounded great!

There were certainly some moments that felt awkwardly realistic such as one teacher not chipping in for a present for a new baby, but due to the edit made it hard to connect with the storyline. Like there was definitely some great content and ideas, and the two 'buddies' portrayed going through the same experience nicely, but a clearer script and tighter edit would have helped immensely. Sorry for the low marks, it was just unclear for most of the film what was happening, plot-wise.

Story: 1/5
Technical: 1.5/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 1/5

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