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Food for Thought

by What A Cat Productions

The looming darkness grows...


Really strong performance by the lead actress here as she addresses all her flatmates and why she has gathered them in the garden; to show them the heinous nature of their crimes.

With a flashback structure we get to see such horrific activities as popcorn dropped on the couch and regathered, a toothbrush slipping out when used as a microphone to heavy metal music and chip dip sloshed back into the bowl after a spill. The comedic payoffs coming not from the drop of the item, but how they are eaten or used once returned to the butterfingers.

The audio was nice and clear and delivery was really strong, though there were a couple of very strong peaks, but that may have just been my sound system. For a film with detailed dialogue it is crucial to be able to hear, so well done there.

Costuming was strong with each character clearly defined by their outfits, a smart move given only our lead was really defined by her actions. And what a disgusting finale action it was!

I liked how you didn't actually mention the punchline until the end. As obvious as it seems now this was a smart thing to restrain to give the finale some more weight.

My biggest concern with the film, is that despite the stellar performance, the lack of interaction with other cast members other than to quickly go to flashback meant that it came across as her talking to us rather than engaging cinema. But this was almost completely overcome in the final 60 seconds when the more personal backstory was revealed to give everything some gravitas for the payoff.

Again a film where my arbitrary grades should have "performances" and yours would do very very well in that regard, so take my scores with a grain of salt.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

Nice job guys. The storyline was easy to follow, the narrative was clean, helped us stay on track with the story, edit was good, visuals and audio was all good.

Could have considered some more angles and maybe some moving shots for the main actress - I think it would have sold her a lot better, also - isn't it the 3-second rule? lol - meh..

All in all team, good job all round.

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