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by Laughing Jamaican Productions

A gravedigger in the service of a local crime organisation unwillingly finds himself in a situation where he can't keep his morals buried.


Good effort team! Really enjoyed watching this as the story progressed. Cool to have the one shot fight scene, the music complimented the flow of the story but could have been mixed a little bit better, but meh - overall, had fun watching the story go down. When will we see him help her find the daughter though?! To be continued... Solid effort!

Awesome location as we watched a couple of goons prep to bury a body in a quarry, before the film chameleoned its way into the race against time genre.

I loved the golden imagery of the dirt and gravel that was so well contrast against the blue sky and outfits of your characters by your DOP, well done there. Editing was also smooth in general in terms of shot transitions. Soundtrack was memorable with deep throbbing bass although it did get a bit repetitive by the end of the film. Fight scene was well done with good sound.

My main two issues were as follows. Firstly, the change of heart was quite sudden and unexpected, and whilst for the greater good, the decision to keep that character mute (just making them silent is a big stretch for the 'confidant' in my opinion) meant motivations were a bit confusing and unclear.

Second was the ending. I appreciate you were going for an ask questions type later sort of character, but it made the conclusion a bit dark and arguably left me numb as a viewer. There have been a few films with similar sorts of plotlines over the years to this such as HARDCORE, THE HORSEMAN, and COLD IN JULY; searching for a missing girl, often with morally dubious protagonists. I felt like you were drawing inspiration from at least one of these, but leaving the ending of the film open ended just had me asking more questions than feeling satisfied. Not so much about what was going to happen, but why the protagonists in the film had acted the way they did.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 1.5/5
Overall: 2/5

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