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Bleeding Love

by Media Melt

Finding a partner is hard enough for your average 28 year old male, but what about when you produce more blood than you lose? Join us as we follow Brad on his quest for love.


A neat idea anchored by a lively lead performance and some respectably gross blood effects. I predicted the conclusion halfway in, though that doesn't stop it from being a solid way to wrap up the story.

Brad, 28, suffers from bleeding, a lot, and so a documentary crew follows him around to cover his unusual claret flows and how it affects his daily life.

I'll be upfront here, I'm not a fan of mockumentaries in 48 Hours for reasons I've outlined countless times, but this had a story and was funny plus didn't overly rely on talking heads/describing a comedic element and then reeancting, which is my main personal bugbear with mockos.

The team provided a consistent tone as poor old Brad just wanted to get a 9-5 and find love, and yet things such a detective work and tinder didn't exactly work well for him when the blood starts flowing from a meer papercut.

Good performance by the actor who played Brad, and whilst a bit of a predictable ending it wrapped things up nicely with the gushing kiss ticking the box for your genre very well. Technically a bit raw, but covered by selling the idea of it being a handheld shot documentary.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 2/5

Hey team, well done with the film - really enjoyed it!
I thought the video was well shot, the story flowed, totally got everything that was going on - and was wondering how it was going to end - was glad it concluded in a way that didn't feel rushed.
Had me laughing pretty quick and often, creative use of blood, I think the acting was good - really enjoyed it team.

Good job!

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