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Truth Lies Beneath

by Angle3 Pictures


There might be just a bit too much plot for a 5min short but hot damn, it's a muscular attempt at a period piece for this competition - might even be the best example of it I've seen in 48hours. Top-notch acting, too. Bloody admirable stuff.

This is one of those films that is technically very impressive, you generally wouldn't think to do a period piece for the 48 because of what it would involve but they pulled it off. Performances were also very solid, I just didn't feel that the story was on the same level as the rest of the short.

So impressive! Set design, dialogue, score, plot, (obviously lighting and cinematography) all fantastic. I'd disagree that it was 'too much plot', as someone said, I think it was an effective mystery story with a great reveal that was unexpected but simple enough to make sense straight away.
If I were to nitpick I'd say the horse hooves sound, though great for reinforcing the period, was distracting and maybe different atmospheric sounds of the outside world would've established a nice sound scape.
Costumes were fabulous, though the modern hair and makeup stood out to me straight away, otherwise you very nearly pulled off a totally convincing period piece, huge well done!
Pure dramas don't always get the credit they deserve up against comedies in this competition but you can be super proud.

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