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The Dying Art of Cat Burglary

by BAE24


What I love about THE DYING ART OF CAT BURGLARLY, is not so much the fact that it was shot in Australia and looks great, as overseas entries are such a thrill, but that it told such a clever, unique and universal tale of said robbers doing anything to get ahead in life. It's like a keeping up with the joneses times eleven, and absolutely nails the antihero character requirement the competition asked of the team.

To immediately give more praise to the team, the editing was simply out of this world. Yes stock music was used throughout, but I was so amazed on my third watch just now to learn that several tracks were used because the tonal consistency was so strong across the entire film. It was a very smooth ride that allowed the complete focus to be on the catburglars, with a feeling of danger and excitement due to sound beats that went from pulsating to drone-like in nature as the plot beats of the film unfolded.

I also appreciate that this team not only went Ultra, but actually used the darkness of night to elevate their film through not just a central plot device of the crooks looking for cash, but the elevating relevation of the home owner being at home and having their own dramatic tension to worry about, through something unpredictable that does indeed regularly happen in the middle of the night.

The comedy was also gold, with a script that threw out such gems as thinking a pumpkin would be a good take, only to be reprimanded by the old timer, who rolled off the list of what brings in the real money with aplomb.

Ending was an all-timer, for me. Sinister, yet hilarious and very satisfying, with the aformentioned characters and how well they sold the importance of the heist making it feel earned rather than shocking. Just really solid performances all round, with the would be mum being a particular highlight due to how well she played her role physically.

The very minor quibble for me was that it reminded me a lot of LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, but that was just in feeling rather than in terms of the actual storytelling.

Congrats on the baby by the way team!

Story: 4/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

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