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Good Girl

by Traces of Nut


Traces Of Nut have knocked it out of the park yet again with a film as unique and original as you are likely to see in the comp on any given year. Can we give best performer to Winchester Hewiberts the First please? In all seriousness though, Emma Draper did a terrific job carrying the film and leading the 9 marvelous doggos around.

Highlighting the dangers of paying more attention to self-help podcasts than where you are walking, 'Good Girl' was a simply marvelous full circle type short that harkened back to ideas laid out as groundwork at the beginning of the film, and then explosively laid bare by the end, with an ultimate theme of putting others ahead of yourself through sacrifice.

Yes it was Splatter genre, and yes did they knock that out of the park in the most outrageous and inventive way possible. It could have been simple and gone for shock and comedy, but there was a resonating depth here that was sold by a great script.

Editing smooth as butter. I always love how Traces of Nut films are so well framed that you never notice the edit from one transiton to the next, with your attention as a viewer always directed to the optimal spot.

Camerawork fantastic. It cannot have been easy managing all those loveable canines (and how did you get so many? To behave so well together??). Good gear used yes, but I would implore everyone to see what a massive difference having every single shot properly lit, even with natural lighting, and in razor sharp focus can do to elevate your short.

Great job team!

Story: 5/5
Technical: 4.5/5
Elements: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Loved the feel of this film. The weight of the film rested on the shoulders of the leads performance and she carried it to the final frame.
The special effects enhanced the cheesy nature of the film. The tension was high once the action kicked in and the ending came naturally.
Congratulations of a stellar film.

Seamless, satirical and with a message. A quality production that will be hard to beat.

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