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Loot & Blunder

by I Love Loops

An inverse inter-demonic-species RomCom featuring the wacky misadventures of two completely unlovable rogues, who ultimately realise it wasn't about the journey OR the friends they made along the way.


Hands down my favourite film shown, the animation was top notch and insanely impressive given the time frame, plus the humour was well executed and intro was stylish. Loved the characters too, would like to see more of them!

Loading....After plundering DIABLO-esque skull mountain with faithful familiar Beezlebub, our bossy ass-kicking heroine sets the course for home whilst her devilish sidekick heaves the loot. The defeated monster guarding the gold was most impressive, meaning wealth beyond the pair's wildest dreams and mystical potions that can hopefully heal their life bars.

Now I am of course painting a picture that this was some sort of serious fantasy adventure and that couldn't be further from the truth. We were treated to a marvelous comedy of errors, with spitfire barbs between the unexpected companions that covered capitalism, barbarians and brain bats whilst embracing a love for video games with fantastic chiptune music throughout.

My word this looked great. I Love Loops you have my sword because what you manage to pull of in 48 Hours is just unbelievable in the best possible way. You give your characters life, the animation is so so so well done, your voice acting is so on point and the backgrounds. THOSE BACKGROUNDS, just are pure art. Textured, rich and magical. Incredible.

Now for any criticism I give you, it is hand on heart probably invalid because I could never do what you do, I'm incredibly jealous of your talent and would never want you to change. Every year you make something in this comp is a privlege to see.

So with you being technically perfect I feel, my only thing I'd raise and that I think judges might look at would be the depth of the characters and the gravitas of the story. Obviously the characters are literally 2d but I'm meaning was there quite enough emotion, or was the bickering potentially throwaway rather than actually coming across as organic? Also is the ending strong enough? (I liked it, didn't love)...and finally was the driver of the story with the potion spill strong enough to compete for top awards gongs? Impossible to speculate what judges are going to think. For me though, this was world class straight out of something I could see being turned into a funded TV series right now. Thank you.

Story: 4/5
Technical: 5/5
Elements: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

ILOVELOOPS always make great quality films in this competition and this year is no different. My favourite of the heat for sure.
This is probably their most polished work to date in terms of overall detail in the animation, as well as great sound and voice work.
A fun and funny piece with two great leads bickering and insulting one another over their latest adventure and the loot they have plundered... or blundered. The great writing elevates what could have turned out to be a stale talking heads situation in the hands of a lesser team>
Great work gang! Love it!

INSANE! How is it possible to be done in 48hours. This animation powerhouse should have a TV show or movie!!
I cannot wait to watch this one again.

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