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The Switch

by Fluffy Tales

A witch is practicing her magic when her pet causes some chaos.


straightforward and to the point. Good use of the cat prop thingy and other special effects. Urban fantasy? Easy or hard genre? good interpretation, and keeping it simple is the key I think. Well done.

Haha this was cute! Thoroughly enjoyed this! Great stuff from the young actress as well!

Really nice film.

Huge kudos to you for making a 90sec film and getting your story across - I wish I'd done that! Really enjoyed your cat "effect" - pretty clever and the music worked well with all the action. Also respect your choice for running with no dialogue - your film didn't need it as the "show" did the work. Well done.

That was great :) she is a cutoe and acted well. Great effects for the cat and that. Well done 😊👍🏻

Very cute story, great acting, FX complimented the story well. Awesome stuff all round.

Review? :o)

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