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Paper, Scissors, Rock

by Dishwasher Rock Off

When the battle over the dishes get out of control


ha, that was great! Boy there was a lot of work in there. All those shots, cutting it together, and making it a coherent 3min film. The gags were in the right place it seemed and great effects. Good on you guys.

Lots of energy put into this from all involved taking a simple everyday situation and adding a quirky catalyst to turn things awry. As such, the genre was well adhered to, we saw some good performances and many of the effects & humour landed. 3:50 excluding your outtakes is really the issue here. When your heart is in a project it can be difficult to know what to cut out but for me a starting point would have have been both of the Paper/Rock montages which account for a minute of the film. You also had another unwanted guest during your arc shot - a splash of camera-op shadow. Regardless, you pulled off an entertaining short. Nice work!

Everyone know not to play with Demons......don't they? Apparently not. :o) I really liked the relatable sibling rivalry angle and then everything hits the fan. Great effects, really like the performances too! Awesome FX and very clever to drop someone straight through the floor to hell.

Review? :o)

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