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And Then There Were Crumbs

by Snake Sharks Pictures


Loved it! Acting was great and I laughed pretty much during the whole video ! Great shots too and amazing ideas with the "photographs" of past moments of her stealing food in the fridge :)

Yes! Well done. Flowed very well and the cutting through the dialogue followed too. Cool little story.

I think we might see a few of these this year: Lockdown with a group of flatmates+whodunnit genre=who ate/stole the last (insert thing). On the whole this short was well-constructed and and the arc-shot smoothly integrated. Photo montage was good but were they supposed to be a little more candid? A couple of times your lead fluffed her lines or at least started to which didn't come across natural in the moment. In the 48 sometimes coverage is challenging! A very unsettling ending too which I didn't see coming. Nice!

And watch out for Strang Entertainment's ruthless legal team (see "Steak n Cheese Lies" from 48HRS 2014)

Nicely constructed short film - love the character work from all concerned. Shame it got DQ'd!

Screenshot alone deserves an award!!!!!!!!!! :) I really like what you did. At the end I felt it had slivers of 'Silence of the Lambs' for some reason but it worked! This was entertaining stuff and very well done with the quick paced editing in the middle. Good job!

Review? :o)

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