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by Are Those...Pussy Willows?

This was such a fun movie to make, with lots of adventures and also horror stories aplenty. Unfortunately, we were late in handing in by just a few minutes and thus disqualified. We had a constantly malfunctioning editing software and such a slow computer, so we seized the opportunity to quickly fix a few minor issues. We are really proud of what we made.

Enjoy our unusual film!


Unusual and surprisingly unsettling. I like the way we're led to believe that this is some sort of upside down world only for the reality to be something different. Plenty of creepy shots, one notable jump scare and a very well executed match-cut/reveal towards the end. Nice work!

I think I enjoyed watching this as much as it sounds like you guys did making it! Perfect balance of horror/comedy. Clever AND creepy! Well done.

I got it but didn't quite get it! Very likely due to my own ignorance so ignore my comments anyway. I was smiling more than I should have been scared I think because it actually shot well. Yep, she was human, or a doll, and jealous?. Spooky enough tones and reveal of the live doll. Great thunderbird like movements of the "actors" well done.

I like how the horror story was played straight, while the whole time the inversion of the "living doll" trope gave it a comedic edge. Very clever and unsettling, especially with that well-composed eerie music.

Lovely set-up pre title - funny,creepy and established the world quick smart. I particularly loved the sex scene and the cross cutting you did during. It was really well executed and established a creepy foreboding that peaked with the jump scare, which genuinely freaked me out. Great job!

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