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Strawberry Fears Forever

by Misfit and the Midget

Stoners find out that too much weed, can have dire, lasting consequenses.


Obviously a lot of fun has had in the making of this short. Loved the strawberry puppets and the changes in expression/character worked well. Like a few films this this I'm pretty sure you could have told the same story in less than two minutes. It really does take a long time for the strawberries to get into the house as one example. In my mind they could have been "picked" and take inside. Also, the lack of human interaction/reaction lowers the stakes quite a bit and we have to fill in the gaps as to why the strawberries are reacting the way they are. Like I said, great fun though!

Nice! I'm sure some of those stop motion animators out there will have something to say, but this is what I would do because I have no clue how to do the other, so well done. Reminded me of "land of the giants" (currently on Jones TV). I was waiting for some dialogue, then I remembered. I've never actually heard a strawberry talk anyway! Stoned strawberry's? who knew?

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