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Under Control

by Team Wagner

A new app allows 12-year-old Emma to control her older brother, Julz. And he's gonna tell mum.


Not bad at all. Overall it made sense and rolled along well. I'm guessing you guys had some old footage you threw in there. Good use with the story line. I kinda missed the point of the creepy guy at the table at the end. Good acting from you guys

Dun Dun Duuuuun! Very well done, original story also. Good work team!

Nice work pulling off filming in multiple countries? Some solid acting and a good idea with the people controlling app. The audio was a little jarring at times when cutting between scenes but I appreciated the movement of the characters through the scenes, which worked well. Always interesting when a character talks to themselves in a scene as your did at the start as it does a smack of tell. Could you have found a way to show this and get the same message across?

Overall, a good take on the genre.

Thanks for the reviews, guys! It's great to get feedback. And yes, some of the "stock footage" was from my son's vlogs from his time in Venice Beach and we connected his bubble there with ours in Auckland. The writer Joseph, here in Auckland, composited in himself in the final shot, bringing the 3 bubbles together (if you include the voiceover). It was great family fun! In retrospect, we should have left the credits which lost us vital time toward the end. And of course, the export took longer than expected. Two minutes late was gut-wrenching. LOL.

Pretty slick editing and was very surprised that this was a global effort. I really like the increasing eeriness of the movie towards the ultimate realisation. Great stuff.

Review? :o)

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