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by Alternative Fax 98 views


Cute story, could have used a bit more work on building the relationship so we could see it "moving too fast" to make the reveal at the end a bit more solid. but overall this was enjoyable. Good job on convincing a church to let you stage a mass suicide! That takes some nuts!

A familiar trope elevated by the location and camera work.

Some nifty camera work, simple premise and reasonably well executed. Everything seemed to accelerate a bit too much throughout, pacing was off for me. Nevertheless, hard to pull off an epic story like this in the time allowed. Enjoyable overall.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

One of my favourites of the heat - I thought it was well shot, the leads were well matched and performed well, and the concept and execution was solid. And I got a laugh at the end to boot.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

This was a nice little idea that was done pretty well overall. As others have mentioned, the pacing was a little bit off and things felt a bit confusing at times, but it didn't break the through line and the ending went down well. Weeeeeeeell, that is until it was undercut by a cliche remark following the climax. It was completely necessary and lessened the impact of the ending. If it had been slyly set up earlier in the film, it was too sly for this reviewer and it just felt tacked on. Still, a fun film to watch and good performances by all.

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