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by Nom De Plume


I actually think you could have cut this down to just over a minute to tell the same story; book-ending it by all with your exceptional choking and spitting up green goo. (which lasts 30 secs at the start! & we see several times) A kind of life flashing before your eyes but in this case thinking back on what your lead had done to the potential suspects. It reminded me of "THE DEATH & LIFE OF DESMOND WOLFE" which is why I mention cutting it all down. Still, nicely shot, love the music and you know I always enjoy watching your acting.

Very mental.....I had to look away a few times because the opening scene (almost the whole movie) became so long I started feeling uncomfortable....and thinking, am I actually watching some guy die!!???! :o) Good job on the viewer discomfort level.

Review? :o)

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