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The Taste of Friendship

by LundPicturesInc.

The story of a lonely scientist and his hunger to find a friend.


This was my favourite of the finalists last night - I really loved it, and the use of Symphony No. 7 at the end was brilliant in adding this baroque sadness to an incredibly surreal story. Loved it overall!

Blending creepy sci-fi absurdity with a touching story of friendship, managing to convey a sense of loneliness that one might call "Peak Lockdown" without even referencing the Lockdown, and ending in a way that's so dark but so hilarious - this paradoxical film totally deserves its title as the most "Incredibly Strange" of the 48Hours.

This is what happens when you've isolated for several months and devolve to your animalistic desires and eat your friends whom you grew for the sole intent of being a friend only, yet someone in history as highly respected as Doctors will inevitably go back to eating for survival and mental stability...with a touch of the most expensive red wine, in front of the most majestic fireplace


Most unrealistic parts were the doctor having only 2 photos on the fridge, a real scientist would have a plethora of photos and the old ass computer should've suffered more damage from that room short-circuiting

Mental and very imaginative!!!!!!!

Review? :o)

The Taste of Friendship is one bizarre little film, but I got sucked into this sci-fi and enjoyed the experience. Nice work all-around on the production. Lockdown loneliness is a real thing. I appreciate that you've found a way to simultaneously address a serious issue and make a light-hearted, sci-fi comedy out of it.

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