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Bloods 'R' Us

by The Kracksons

Blood Corp needs a new revenue stream and Damien has come up with a clever idea.


You've done some things pretty well in this. The green-screen work and composting suits your style, the acting from the lead is confident and there was an unexpected twist in the tail. A couple of things to think about: there's the slightest frame at the start where your boss actor is saying something not in character; probably in response to "Action" or "Are you ready?"; the start itself comes in a bit abruptly - a fade in or a bit of talk over black would have smoothed this out. Also the bulk of the film is the promotional video (which is fun!) but as such there's not a whole heap of story. That said, it's still an enjoyable short for an audience to get our teeth into!

Loved the sales pitch angle and you guys even squeezed in some FX so go you guys. I need to learn that stuff still.

Review? :o)

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