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by Angle3 Pictures

An obsessed stalker hacks into a celebrity's webcam only to discover that a crime has been committed! He is the only one who can track down the culprit using his hacking skills, but will he reveal what he knows to the police without showing his own guilt?


Wow....really liked this one. Slick audio, lighting, backing track, camera angles. You managed to combine so many technological elements, it was packed. Good cliffhanger. at the end...but I did want to hear one last e.g. "I'm an ex" or something along those lines. I'm being ultracritical with that but what you accomplished is pretty flippin' awesome. Great job!

Plenty to like about this. It's an obvious slick production all over. A heap of work put into too, like all the little touches such as the YouTube thumbnails etc. A couple of things weren't so convincing, such as the police/detective dialogue and is it really that easy to hack so many different sources? I love me an ambiguous ending but not 100% that this one landed. Still, a really impressive production overall that would have done very well in the regular 48HR let alone this Lockdown edition.

I really enjoyed this. Combining the bleak, yet beautiful cinematography and the well designed sound created a truly entertaining experience. The music was brilliant and kept the mood of the film consistent throughout. This is definitely one of my favourites this year! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

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