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Toilet Roll Call

by Triple Dingus

A father interrogates his children when he finds an empty toilet roll hasn't been replaced.


Well done crew. The pacing on this was really good and the gags in the dialogue kept things moving well. Very clever with the voice over and the music complimented the tone very well. Clean audio, smooth transitions. Well done!

Review? :o)

Oh, boy there are a lot of these lockdown-who stole/used-the-last-insert thing but this is certainly one of the better ones. Great humour, nicely edited, filmed and characters that you can relate to. Loved the impersonation gag and nod to the truly awful "Knives Out". The mystery wasn't that big but it didn't need to be because the other parts of the film where the real highlights. Always a fan of Mukpuddy so great to see you back in the 48.


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